Vacuum Blood Collection Tube Production Line

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Brief Introduction:

The blood collection tube production line includes tube loading, Chemical dosing, drying, stoppering & capping, vacuuming, tray loading, etc. Easy & safe operation with individual PLC &HMI control, only need 2-3 workers can run the whole line well.

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The blood collection tube production line includes tube loading, Chemical dosing, drying, stoppering & capping, vacuuming, tray loading, etc. Easy & safe operation with individual PLC &HMI control, only need 2-3 workers can run the whole line well. Compared with other manufacturers, our equipment has unique features, including overall dimension smaller, higher automation & stability, lower fault rate and maintenance cost, and etc.

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For vacuum or non-vacuum blood collection tube production.

Production Procedures

Tube Labeling & Online printing

Adopt German Leuze GS photoelectric sensor, United States AB servo motor for controlling label sending, JSCC motor and the corresponding speed drive for main driving and label pressing.
It can be with online printing system for batch code and date printing.
One machine can be for 8mm/13mm/16m.
Online connection with production line.

Tube loading & Detection

Automatic tube loading technology, loading the tube into clamps automatically with detector for no tube or inverse direction tube. The machine apply for any kind of label tubes and solve the defect of the avo label broken of traditional tube loading machine
from other manufacturers.

Chemical dosing

Equip with 3 dosing system, according to customer blood collection tube production demand.
USA FMI pump, spray dosing
Syringe pump lifting dosing
Syringe pump filling dosing

Drying system

The machine has function of automatic cap arranging, cap feeding, cap in place detection, capping detection. Inside of the tube will automatically produce a certain negative pressure, then automatically load tube into the tray.

Capping & Vaccuming & Tray Loading 

There are 4 sets drying system, adopt PTC heating, no pollution to the inside of tubes, and achineve high efficiency of drying. It has correct positioning device for the hot rods and tubes.

IVEN Blood Collection Tube Production Line Advantages


1.High capacity 15000-18000pcs/hour
2.High automation, reasonable operation process and optimization of integration, 2-3 skilled operators can manage the whole production line smoothly from tube loading to finished product outputting
3.Suitable for vacuum and non-vacuum blood collection tube ,and we can customized for customer share use in one line.
4.Intelligent & Humanized Operation System. Humanized design for each station , PLC +HMI control.
5.Blood collection tube production line whole line have process quality control. Multi-aspect detection, such as the reversed tubes, missing tubes, dosing, drying tem­perature, cap in position, foam tray loading etc. Ensures the high qualified rate
6.Three Dosing System. Accurate dosing, 3 sets dosing system which can meet different additives/reagents production requirements.
7.Advanced Interlaced Tray Loading Technology. Newest technology with the function of interlaced loading and distance adjusting automatically. Applied to both type of the rectangular and interlaced foam tray.
8.High Vacuuming Qualified Rate. With unique design of spring-type tube racks. The vacuum degree can be set on touch screen easily and accurately, the correspond­ing vacuum degree can be automatically set according to the altitude of user's region.
9.High Quality Structure: Main body adopt high quality steel for weight bearing, surface and frame adopt the high quality stainless steel for easier cleaning. Meet GMP standard

Machine Configuration

Tech Parameters

Applicable Tube Size Φ13*75/100mm;  Φ16*100mm
Working Speed 15000-18000pcs/hour
Dosing Method and Accuracy Anticoagulant: 5 dosing nozzles FMI metering pump, error tolerances±5% based on 20μLCoagulant: 5 dosing nozzles precise ceramic injection pump, error tolerance±6% based on 20μLSodium Citrate: 5 dosing nozzles precise ceramic injection pump, error tolerance±5% based on 100μL
Drying Method PTC heating with high pressure fan.
Cap Specification Downward type or upward type cap according to customer's requirements.
Applicable Foam Tray Interlaced type or rectangular type foam tray.
Power 380V/50HZ, 19KW
Compressed Air Clean Compressed Air Pressure 0.6-0.8Mpa
Space Occupation 6300*1200 (+1200) *2000 mm (L*W*H)
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