IV Solution Production Line with Non-PVC Soft Bags

IVEN Non-PVC soft bag IV solution production line

Revolutionary IV Solution Line with Non-PVC Soft Bags for advanced healthcare

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Product Description

IVEN Pharmatech Engineering proudly presents its cutting-edge Non-PVC soft bag IV solution production line, incorporating the latest advancements in technology. This sophisticated system seamlessly executes film feeding, printing, bag manufacturing, filling, and sealing within a single, integrated machine.

Engineered for adaptability, our production line accommodates 50-5000ml Non-PVC soft bags, catering to a diverse array of solutions, including general, special, dialysis, parenteral nutrition, antibiotics, irrigation, and disinfectant solutions. The machinery offers an extensive range of PP bag designs, featuring options such as single boat-type ports, single/double hard ports, double soft tube ports, and more.

Experience unparalleled precision and flexibility in IV solution manufacturing through IVEN Pharmatech Engineering's state-of-the-art production solutions.

This holistic approach to automation enhances productivity and minimizes the risk of human error, resulting in Non-PVC soft bags of the highest quality. The synchronized coordination of film feeding, printing, bag making, filling, and sealing exemplifies the cutting-edge capabilities of IVEN Pharmatech Engineering's production line, positioning it at the forefront of modern manufacturing in the healthcare industry.

Production Process

The Non-PVC soft bag production line by IVEN Pharmatech Engineering epitomizes a seamless and efficient manufacturing process, automating critical stages to ensure precision and top-notch quality. The process initiates with automated film feeding, where IVEN's selected materials are precisely dispensed for subsequent stages. Subsequently, the system seamlessly integrates printing, allowing for customizable and branded solutions.

IVEN Pharmatech Non-PVC Bag Machinery

The bag-making stage showcases advanced technology, with IVEN's machinery intricately forming the bags with precision. Following this, the automated filling process, in adherence to strict quality standards, ensures accurate and consistent product volumes. The final touch involves IVEN's sealing mechanism, guaranteeing a secure and airtight closure.

IVEN Pharmatech Infusion Bags Manufacturing

Film Feeding, Printing

It can automatically feed film to the printing and forming station, the film roll is fixed by easy operated cylinder clamps. The fixation doesn’t need any tools and manual labor.

Film Stretching and Opening

This station adopts mechanical film-open plate. The opening of film is 100% guaranteed. Any other film opening method doesn’t have a guarantee of 100%, but also the system is far more complicated.

Bag Forming

Peripheral welding with bilaterally open moulds structure, up and down moulds are opened bilaterally and equipped with cooling plate, to heat both moulds to the same temperature up to 140℃ and above. No film over-baked during bag forming or machine stopping. Improve the product welding quality and save more film.

1st & 2nd Ports Heat Seal Welding

Because of the different material and thickness between the boat type ports and the film, it adopts 2 pre-heating, 2 heat seal welding and 1 cool welding,to enable it to suit with different plastic material and film, bring the user more selection, higher welding quality, low leakage rate within 0.3‰.


Adopt the E + H mass flowmeter measurement and high-pressure filling system. High filling accuracy, no bag and no qualified bag, no filling.


Each welding end shield use separate cylinder driving, and drive unit is hidden in the base, guide use linear bearing, without any mark and particles, ensure product transparent degree.

Bag Outputting Station

The finished products will be outputted through conveying belt to the next procedure.

IVEN Pharmatech Infusion Bags

Product Features

● 100% film utilization: No waste edge between bags, reducing both material and energy consumption.
● Reliable heating and welding system: Leakage rate less than 0.03%.
● Quick changeover: 0.5-1 hour to switch from one size to another. 
● Compact structure, reduce 1/3 length of the machine, save room space and running cost.
● Stable running and transmission system: only need 1 control system, 1 HMI and 1 operator.
● Safe filling nozzle: No solution overflows, no particles generation.
● Auto detection and faulty rejection system.

Machine Configuration

IVEN Pharmatech: Pioneering IV Solutions & Non-PVC Bags in Healthcare

Technical Specifications
Item Main Content
Actual Production Capacity 100ML 1000 2200 2200 3200 4000 4000 5500 10000
250ML 1000 2200 2200 3200 4000 4000 5500 10000
500ML 900 2000 2000 2800 3600 3600 5000 8000
1000ML 800 1600 1600 2200 3000 3000 4500 7500
Power Source 3 Phase 380V 50Hz
Power 8KW 22KW 22KW 26KW 32KW 28KW 32KW 60KW
Compressed Air Pressure Dry and oil-free compressed air, the cleaness is 5um,the pressure is over 0.6Mpa.The machine will automatically warn and stop when the pressure is too low
Compressed Air Consumption 1000L/mim 2000L/mim 2200L/mim 2500L/mim 3000L/mim 3800L/mim 4000L/mim 7000L/mim
Clean Air Pressure The pressure of clean compressed air is over 0.4Mpa, the cleaness is 0.22um
Clean Air Consumption 500L/min 800L/min 600L/min 900L/min 1000L/min 1000L/min 1200L/min 2000L/min
Cooling Water Pressure >0.5kgf/cm2 (50kpa)
Cooling Water Consumption 100L/H 300L/H 100L/H 350L/H 500L/H 250L/H 400L/H 800L/H
Nitrogen Consumption According to the customer's special requirements, we can use the nitrogen to protect the machine, the pressure is 0.6Mpa. The consumption is less than 45L/min
Running Noise <75dB
Room requirements Temperature of the environment should ≤26℃, the humidity: 45%-65%, Max. humidity should less than 85%
Overall Size 3.26x2.0x2.1m 4.72x2.6x2.1m 8x2.97x2.1m 5.52x2.7x2.1m 6.92x2.6x2.1m 11.8x2.97x2.1m 8.97x2.7x2.25m 8.97x4.65x2.25m
Weight 3T 4T 6T 5T 6T 10T 8T 12T