Fully Automated Large-Volume PP Bottle Line - Blowing, Washing, Filling, Sealing

Efficient Large-Volume PP Bottle Line by IVEN Pharmatech: Precision wash, fill, seal

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Product Description

The IVEN Pharmatech Engineering Automatic PP Bottle IV Solution Production Line seamlessly integrates three essential components: the Preform/Hanger Injection machine, Bottle Blowing machine, and the Washing-Filling-Sealing machine. Engineered for automatic and intelligent operation, it ensures stable performance and easy maintenance. With heightened production efficiency and reduced operational costs, this production line delivers high-quality IV solution plastic bottles, establishing itself as the optimal choice.

The IVEN Pharmatech Engineering Plastic Bottle Blowing machine is specifically designed for molding IV bottles and other PP bottles. Its multifunctional stations include preform loading, preform heating, preform delivery, blowing, and bottle extraction.

The IVEN Pharmatech Engineering XGF PP Bottle LVP Wash-Fill-Seal Machine features three stations encompassing ionic air washing or a combination of ionic air with WFI washing, constant pressure filling, and hot melting sealing. Primarily designed for washing, filling, and sealing the production of PP plastic soft and hard bottles for large-volume parenterals such as glucose, sodium chloride, sodium chloride and glucose, metronidazole, etc. This sophisticated machine ensures precise and hygienic production processes.

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Production Process

The machine is an all-in-one automated manufacturing system for high-volume sterile intravenous (IV) solution bottle production. It seamlessly integrates latest innovations in bottle forming, washing, filling and sealing for pharmaceutical grade quality and efficiency.

Fully Automated IV Solution Production Machine Process

Blow Molding Machine

The blow molding machine is used to blow the PP bottles. It is a two-step blow molding machine, which can produce bottles with high precision and good appearance. The machine can be customized to produce bottles of different sizes and shapes.

Washing Machine

The washing machine is used to clean the bottles before filling. It uses high-pressure water to remove dirt and debris from the bottles. The machine also uses ultraviolet light to sterilize the bottles, ensuring the safety of the product.

Filling Machine

The filling machine is used to fill the bottles with liquid. It can be equipped with different types of filling heads to meet the needs of different liquids. The machine has a precise filling control system, which ensures that the bottles are filled with the correct amount of liquid.

Sealing Machine

The sealing machine is used to seal the bottles after filling. It uses a high-frequency sealing head to heat and seal the bottle cap, ensuring the airtightness of the bottle.

Product Features

● Servo driver and stable during high-speed movement, the positioning is accurate, durable, and the maintenance cost is low. 

● The cam clamping fingers without plastic scrap and powder to ensure product quality.

● High production capacity: range from 4000-15000bottles per hour.

● Closed integral chain structure, precise center distance, rings and other foreign objects cannot enter the chain, easy maintenance.

● The sealing no air leak, improve the blowing efficiency, shorten the bottle forming time.

● With precise filling; accurate air discharging, can control the degree of deformation of the bottle after sterilization.

● No bottle no filling, no bottle no capping.

● It can reach capacities up to15,000BPH, depending on the customer request.

● There are different types of caps which can be applied to the final bottle: Sealed Euro cap, sealed Irrigation cap, screw cap; Stopper and Aluminum cap.

● It has a complete GMP-compliant cleaning and sterilization function.

Technical Specifications
Item Data
Production capacity 2000~20000 bottles/hour
Specification 50~1000ml round or other shape PP bottle
Bottle washing ionic air washing, or ionic air and water washing
Main filling medium Liquid such as large volume infusion
Filling error ±1%
Liquid filling temperature and pressure 40~55℃  0.6~2kg/cm²
CIP/ SIP 125 ℃--30 min
Air consumption (clean air) Pressure: 0.6~0.8Mpa  180(120)m³/h
Cooling water 250L/h, 15~20℃
Noise max.75dB
Electric capacity 18~35KW