Large Volume Glass bottle IV Infusion Production Line

IVEN Glass bottle IV solution production

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Product Description

Glass bottle IV solution production line is a high-tech equipment that can automatically complete the processes of glass bottle cleaning, filling, stoppering, capping etc. for IV solution of 50ml-500ml. It is suitable for the production of various kinds of liquids, such as glucose, antibiotic, amino acid, fat emulsion, nutrient solution and biological agents etc.

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The production line adopts advanced technology, simple and reasonable structure, reliable and stable performance, easy maintenance and repair. It uses frequency conversion speed regulation, ultrasonic bottle washing, self-flow constant speed filling, pressure stoppering, flip stoppering, cap arranging, cap pressing, cap rolling etc. The production line has high production efficiency, accurate measurement, no mechanical friction, no particle generation, and meets the GMP requirements.

The production line can be customized according to the customer's needs and specifications. It can also be arranged in a curved way according to the site conditions. The production line is widely used in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, health care and other industries, and has been well received by customers at home and abroad.

IVEN Glass bottle IV solution production

Production Process

The production process for large IV glass bottles involves a series of carefully coordinated steps to ensure the manufacturing of high-quality and sterile containers for intravenous solutions. The following is a general overview of the production workflow:

IVEN Glass bottle IV solution production

By meticulously executing these production processes, we aim to deliver large IV glass bottles that meet the stringent quality and safety requirements of the medical industry.

Product Features
  • ● New design for washing machine, rough cleaning adopts the same direction for bottle input and output, saving operators and machine space.
  • ● Bottle output from rough and fine washing machine adopts twice bottle receiving, avoiding bottle reversal and broken.
  • ● Bottle washing machine uses intermittent rinsing, avoiding cross contamination caused by continuous rinsing.
  • ● Bottle input adopts the combination of bottle hook and guide plate, making the bottle input reliable and no bottle reversal.
  • ● Washing water can be recycled and filtered, reduce water consumption
  • ● Customization filling method for different products, like Peristaltic Pump, Ceramic Pump, Stainless Steel Pump can optional.
  • ● During filling process, no mandatory friction of mechanical parts, not produce particulate pollution, compliant with GMP requirements. 
  • ● Adopts the quick equipped filling head design, the filling heads is easy in disassembly and assembly (Only need to loose the two M6 bolts) 
  • ● It can realize CIP/SIP on line.
  • ● Easy operation, a II settings can be set directly from Man-machine interface. Electronic control system adopts advanced PLC technology and microcomputer tuner to adjust speed. Start and stop smoothly, easy for changing specification parts.
  • ● By vacuum stoppering and mechanical positioning, only when the stoppers is in the accurate place it can go to the stoppering station, high qualified rate. 
  • ● There is nitrogen protection in the delivering dial wheel between the wheel of the nitrogen filling and the wheel of the stoppering station. The nitrogen filling adopts the insert bottle filling methods; maximum ensures residual oxygen of the nitrogen filling products.
  • ● Low residual oxygen after vacuuming and stoppering. (ensures less than 0.6%).
Technical Specifications
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Model BPY50/500-120 BPY50/500-200 BPY50/500-300 BPY50/500-600
Applied Bottle Size 50ml, 100ml, 250ml, 500ml
Production Capacity 80-120 Bottle/min 120-200 Bottle/min 200-300 Bottle/min 300-600 Bottle/min
Electric Capacity 35KW 37KW 45KW 55KW
Compressed Air Consumption 4³/h (0.6MPa) 5³/h (0.6MPa) 6³/h (0.6MPa) 7³/h (0.6MPa)
Water Consumption Tap water: 200ml/bottle  Purified water: 80ml/bottle
Injection water: 120ml/bottle 0.2MPa
Overall Size(mm) 17800×6000×2300 19000×6000×2300 24000×7000×2300 24000×7000×2300