How About Non Pvc Soft Bag Packages For I.V. Solution?

Sep 24, 2020

Ampoule – From Standardized to Customized Quality Options

Non-PVC soft bag IV solution production line replaces glass bottles, plastic bottles and PVC film large infusions, significantly improving the quality of drug packaging. The multifunction of film feeding, printing, bag making, filling and sealing in Shanghai IVEN Pharmatech Engineering Co.,Ltd makes the structure more compact, which reducing environmental pollution during the process of production and the end of using packaging bags, avoiding the probability of secondary pollution during the use of drugs, and protecting the safety of medicines. During the whole process, the machine is used to clamp the bottle and send it to each station. Therefore, the bottle does not fall down and the body as well does not wear out.

The packaging meets the economic requirements of new technology, energy saving, environmental protection, recycling and sustainable development. Our pharmatech machinery can supply you different PP bag design with single boat type port, single/double hard ports, double soft tube ports, etc.

There are many bag-making specifications, which can be applied to the production of various specifications such as 50ml-5000ml, with few specifications and easy replacement. What’s more, it has simple and reasonable structure, stable and reliable operation, convenient maintenance and high production efficiency. The mechanism is compact and the area is small. It fully meets the GMP standard. The one-to-one interface preheating and welding technology is suitable for interfaces of different manufacturers to ensure the welding quality and the leakage rate is less than 0.03%. It can be applied to packaging materials of different brands. Moreover, the stable running and transmission system only needs 1 control system, 1 HMI and 1 operator. At last, the machine also processes the auto detection and faulty rejection system in order that we can remedy the trouble handily.



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Ampoule – From Standardized to Customized Quality Options

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