First pharmaceutical turnkey project in US

Apr 18, 2022


In March 2022, IVEN signed the first US turnkey project, that means IVEN is the first Chinese pharmaceutical engineering company to undertake a turnkey project in the US in 2022. It's also a milestone that we have successfully expanded our pharmaceutical engineering project business to the US.


Thanks for customer's trust. The recognition of our US customers is also due to our years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and our professional industry knowledge.



IVEN provide integrated engineering solution for pharmaceutical and medical factory includes clean room, auto-control and monitoring system, water treatment system, filling and packing system, automatic logistics system, central laboratory, quality control system, which compliance with EU GMP, US FDA/ cGMP, WHO GMP, PIC/S GMP principle etc. Focus on customers’ individual requirements



Shanghai IVEN Pharmatech Engineering Co., Ltd was established in 2005. IVEN contracted the first overseas I.V. pharmaceutical plant turnkey project in 2008, and now we have built 33 pharmaceutical and medical turnkey project in 13 countries, covering Asia, Africa, Europe and North America. In addition, we have exported more than 100 pharmaceutical and medical production lines, including I.V., production line, vacuum blood collection tubes production line, syringe line, ampoule production line, vial production lines, viral/micro tubes line, water treatment system, etc.


During 2020-2021, due to the outbreak of the epidemic, the economic cold wave affected all industries, but in such a situation, Shanghai IVEN still rose to the challenge and created a turnover of more than 40 million US dollars in 2021, melting the cold atmosphere of the economic freeze.


Even at the most serious time of the epidemic, our business managers still went to abroad to visit customers face to face to understand their exact needs and provide feasible solutions for their production planning.


During this period, five of our turnkey projects were underway. When all of suppliers stopped disptching their staff to support customers, IVEN stepped up to the plate and, with the mission of creating value for our customers and being responsible for customers, we disptch our engineers to our customers' construction sites in batches, most of them live and work on customer sites for more than one year from 2020 to 2021. With great efforts, all 5 turnkey projects were completed and put into production as scheduled. customer's project was not put on hold even during epidemic period, which was highly praised by our customers.



IVEN have always been committed to creating value for our customers, and we put this into practice in every aspect of our work. We always believe that what we are doing now is doing our part for global health care and contributing to the health of all human lives.

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