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Pure Steam Generator
Pure Steam Generator
Pure Steam Generator

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1.Manufactured according to the criteria of JB20031-2004 Pure Steam Generator, our LCZ pure steam generator uses steam heating to produce high-purity steam without heat source. The generator is applicable to sterilization and can effectively prevent secondary pollution resulting from heavy metal, heat source and other impurity heaps. The equipment is characterized by advanced technology, unique design, compact structure, rational configuration and good heat preservation to the shell, which brings about lower heat loss, higher heat efficiency, smaller floor space coverage, easy operation and installation and good adjustability. Our generator complies with the GMP criteria of the State and has been widely applied to the sterilization in health care, pharmaceuticals and food industry.

2. Component part: water source and level purifying water tank
The tank heats the deionized water by steam from the boiler so as to generate high-purity steam. Preheater and evaporator of the tank adopt the intensive seamless stainless steel tube and with good heat transfer. The tank can automatically adjust water inflow according to the steam temperature in the boiler so as to increase the pure steam output. In addition, high-purity steam with different backpressures and flow rates can be obtained by adjusting the outlet valve.

3. This equipment is available in three types, i.e. full-automation, semi-automation and manual operation to meet the requirements of different users.

Main technical parameters
Model Total Power(KW) Pure steam production(L/h) Heating steam consumption(kg/h) Purified water consumption(kg/h) Dimensions(mm)
LCZ-100 0.75 ≥100 125 120 1150×550×2600
LCZ-200 0.75 ≥200 250 240 1150×900×2700
LCZ-300 0.75 ≥300 375 360 1400×900×2700
LCZ-400 0.75 ≥400 500 480 1400×950×2700
LCZ-500 0.75 ≥500 630 600 1500×1050×2900
LCZ-600 0.75 ≥600 755 720 1600×1100×2900
LCZ-700 0.75 ≥700 875 840 1700×1100×2900
LCZ-800 0.75 ≥800 1005 960 1750×1100×3000
LCZ-1000 1.1 ≥1000 1260 1200 1750×1100×3000
LCZ-1500 1.1 ≥1500 1890 1800 1850×1200×3200
LCZ-2000 1.1 ≥2000 2500 2400 2350×1250×3300