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Automatic Dosing Machine
Automatic Dosing Machine
Automatic Dosing Machine

Shanghai IVEN Pharmatech is one of the toppest dosing pumps,dosing system,vertical packaging machine in China.During these years of exporting , Shanghai IVEN Pharmatech now has rich experience in the worldwide markets

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It is suitable for precise filling and spraying of blood collection tube reagent。

Our Advantages
1. High accuracy and stability
Adopt advanced and stable plunger pump filling way, precision reaches 1%, not affected by pressure, voltage and time.
2. Automatic alarm, blockage prevention
During the process of filling and spraying, the medicament crystal will block the nozzle and it’s hard to be discovered in the traditional operation process, the check process is complicated. In order to solve this problem, this equipment adopts a set of automatic alarm system, when the blocking of spraying nozzle and pipeline caused by foreign body or crystal under half, it does not affect the filling precision and spraying, while the blocking is over half, the equipment will automatically alarm immediately.
3. Easy operation
Drug dose can be directly adjusted on touch screen, no need to adjust the pressure, time, etc. This machine also equipped with drying system, can select on or off according to process requirements.
Main technical parameters and configuration
Production capacity 12,000-15,000 pcs/h, (depends on different processes)
Filling heads 2 or 4 nozzle (charging system, quantity is optional), 2/4 pcs/ time
Control precision ≤±2%
Tube type Φ 13 tube (13*75,13*100) or Φ 16 tube;(the tube clamp for Φ 13 and Φ16 are not universal)
Gas consumption ≤ 0.2m3 / min, air supply pressure:0.5mpa≤P≤0.8Mpa
Power 3.6KW  AC 380V 50/60Hz
Overall size 1200 mm * 1000 mm * 1800 mm
Weight 400kg
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