Move forward
In 2019, through the smooth roads, through the ups and downs, usher in a new chapter in 2020. Everyone is looking forward to the new ten-year epoch...
See You Again
The summer solstice has arrived, but the meeting cannot be reached temporarily. If there is no catastrophe of COVID-19, we will meet at the CPHI ex...
Guardian in the chaos
In the early stages of the epidemic, a vigilant group of people had begun hoarding masks. With the outbreak of the epidemic, a large number of prod...
Whenever we are, we will be with our customers, we will go side by side !
2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year, and this New Year we spent it  really in a different way.  The 2020 New Year...
Let the masks fly
2020 is destined to be an unusual year. The spread of the new coronavirus has an impact on everyone's life. Whether it is a country, an enterprise,...
Welcome South American customers visit Shanghai IVEN
In the middle of June, we had our South American customers visiting,which is the first on site visit in 2020. Mr. M, who has lived in ...
Moving Forward
The COVID-19 is a black swan at the beginning of 2020. But what was unexpected was the long and widespread spread, which had various effects on the...
Follow the trend-- live broadcast inspection & online installation guide
2020 is a special year, because of the COVID-19, customers can not come to the factory for inspection, nor can our technicians go to install and de...
Let's work hard together!
In a blink of an eye, half of 2020 has passed. This year, people all over the world have made a different life . Due to the impact of the epidemic,...
Material introduction for medical masks
Medical masks are generally composed of three layers, the inner and outer layers are non-woven fabrics, and the middle layer is meltblown fabric. ...
Multiple office models help slow down the epidemic
The coronavirus outbreak in the beginning of 2020 has slowed down the pace of our work.  As citizens of the country, everyone is trying to do ...
Love fights everything
There are many unforeseen calamities in the world, the incalculable deaths caused by natural earthquakes and tsunami, and plague diseases, which ha...
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