Trials and hardships, only for you
Sales team On a Saturday morning, when I woke up, I was so sleepy, after turning on my phone I saw a QQ pop-up message, it was fro...
Gift, the best feedback
"Well, OK, I know, please don’t worry, we will solve it as soon as possible definitely " I was so anxious after finishing the call with my custom...
IVEN: trying hard, never stop
"I have escaped from Shanghai plum rain season , but not from the fate of getting wet in the rain." sighed with emotion Lisa, who boarded in the ...
Blood collection tube Tips
Commonly used blood collection tubes are as follows: Biochemical Additive-free tube (Red cap): mai...
What are the specific characteristics of China's pharmaceutical equipment industry at this stage?
In recent years, with the rapid development of the pharmaceutical industry, the pharmaceutical equipment industry has also ushered in a g...
Pharmaceutical water part 1-- Noun explanation
Raw water: refers to natural water or urban tap water without any treatment. Clarified water: water from which suspended im...
Love, cooperation and aim to be the Best of IVEN team
The formation and development of all companies is inseparable from the cooperation of their staff team. IVEN's team has approached the mutual hel...
Filling Machine for Syringes ready to be sent to UK
From last Sunday to this Monday, our UK customer came to carry out FAT for filling machine for syringes from us. FAT was finished successfully, we...
IVEN Angel - specializing in intractable diseases
One month has passed, and the customer factory is finally able to produce qualified products. Our QC manager, Mr. Qu, took a long breath and showed...
Visiting for the users of blood collection tube production line in Middle East
On March 24, 2019, IVEN engineer and related translator conducted a five-day on-site visit to the IVEN Middle East blood collection customer for fo...
When spring is in the air, IVEN has an appointment with Uzbekistan
In April, the spring in Shanghai is evident everywhere and hundreds of flowers are blooming, all things compete with each other for beauty of loo...
CIPM in Changsha China
It's the last day of CIPM in Changsha China. Welcome to meet IVEN PHARMATECH: Pharmaceutical equipment at E3-66 Automatic packing sy...
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