Light up your world
Years later, when you look back on 2020 and see this photo, your memories are warm as your actions are a symphony of courage, passion and respons...
Depart in winter with strong will, while return in Spring holding success For IVEN Steel Rose -Michelle
Today, Michelle whom we have been missing for a long time and had been on a oversea business trip more than 3 months, finally returned to IVEN’s ...
New Year
9:00, February 11, 2021, Tanzania • "Come here, let's make dumplings together, I'll knead dough!" "I'll chop the stuffing!" "I'll wash the ve...
The billboard of Iven good news in FEB
He Zhizhang is one of the well-known Chinese poet in the Tan dynasty. He compares the spring breeze to scissors in one poem. The warm February spri...
The Development History of Intravenous (IV) Infusion Therapy
Intravenous infusion therapy is a method in which a certain amount of sterile solution is directly injected into a vein through an infusion device....
Passing love, we never stop
At 11:30 in the morning, I suddenly saw a message in our company group: Hello, everyone, the annual blood donation activity has started again. Ther...
Create Value For Customers
Time flies fast, IVEN is still working hard with the spirit of catching every day. IVEN people have always maintained their love and persistence in...
Chitchat The Global Pandemic and The Development of Foreign Trade
Time flies quickly, and the coronavirus pandemic has swept the world for nearly a year. The coronavirus suddenly hit us last winter and changed the...
IVEN Wechat Online Surport for Oversea User
During COVID time, online support become a normal aftersales service for IVEN users. Once user meet some small problem and cannot find the solution...
Happy New Year!
Our dear friends, Wish you and your family Happy New Year! Thanks for your continuous trust and support in IVEN. No matte...
What are the specific characteristics of China’s pharmaceutical equipment industry at this stage?
In recent years, with the rapid development of the pharmaceutical industry, the pharmaceutical equipment industry has also ushered in a good develo...
Ampoule – From Standardized to Customized Quality Options
Ampoules are the most widely used common packaging solutions globally. They are small sealed vials used to preserve samples in both liquid and soli...
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