Eyedrop Production Line Finished FAT Successfully
20191211, our eye drops production line has begun a journey to be inspected and tested by its owner from Iran. As a production line, it is full o...
Our blood collection tube production lines sell well over the world
The end of the year is always busy time, and all companies are rushing to ship cargos before the end of the year to give a successful end to year...
Hello, old friends!
last time I went to Kyrgyzstan, now everything is still visible before the eyes, remain fresh in my memory. I never expected to see my old friend...
Kenyan Ambassador Visit IVEN For Future Cooperation
On November 5, 2019, Kenyan Ambassador to China Ms SARAH SEREM, consultant Mr EDWIN LIMO, Kenya-China Cooperation Committee Chairman Ms XU JUNJUN...
Dating in autumn
It can be said that autumn is the season of the exhibitions. The CPHI in Germany, MEDICA in Germany, the Pharmtech & Ingredients in Russia, a...
Most long-lasting confession, IVEN strive together with New China
The past National Day holiday in China, every Chinese was shocked and moved by the 70th anniversary military parade. Just like every Chinese peop...
More than cooperation
Samarkand, this historic city is not only the important city of the Silk Road, but also the ever-changing change along with the cooperation of Ch...
Trials and hardships, only for you
Sales team On a Saturday morning, when I woke up, I was so sleepy, after turning on my phone I saw a QQ pop-up message, it was fro...
Quality assurance is the cornerstone of everything
On October 10, 2019, our quality management team at IVEN was formally established. The establishment of this group is the embodiment, that we alway...
Grateful to have you
Glancing at the watch, it was 21:00. I was so hungry and started looking for all the things I could eat in the office. Just when I wanted to give u...
Gift, the best feedback
"Well, OK, I know, please don’t worry, we will solve it as soon as possible definitely " I was so anxious after finishing the call with my custom...
IVEN: trying hard, never stop
"I have escaped from Shanghai plum rain season , but not from the fate of getting wet in the rain." sighed with emotion Lisa, who boarded in the ...
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